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About Creative Crochet

The idea was born of love of a crafty nature and necessity to pay some bills. There are rare moments in life where you have an opportunity to do what you love to keep you on your feet. Raising a family isn't easy but by the grace of generous people and good customers, we will make the ends meet and carry on with hope of a much better tomorrow. There are currently only three active members of Creative Crochet and one in training. Paul Thompson, Kassabell (my oldest daughter), and myself are using our hooks and yarn to contribute creativity of the dark and goth or light and cuddly to those requesting something creative and unique! My youngest daughter Cilverlei is still learning the way of the yarn :) I am hoping that with every person passing by either buying our hard work or donating to help us along, we will continue to do what we love! Filling the world with creativity!